CV – Sapphire Sumpter

Current work/Projects

Collaborative, explorative work with musicians Steve Slimm and George Clement Peer (credits including Studio Opening, Midsummer Dance at Sterts & Open Stage Show)
Touring performances ‘Sea Dances’ with Moving Visions, Ross McKim & Sian Hopkins, in r & d stages (postponed due to lockdowns & funding, due date summer 2024)
Dance Film – performer and choreographer in dance film directed by Adam Drake (editing stages)
Collaborative dance films with musicians Tom Kirkpatrick & Barry Ganberg (of Rambert School) and filmaker Julian Konczak & Adam Drake/Kyle Richardson

Relevent Performance/film/choreographic work:

St Ives Festival (live music and dance) – Cornwall
Distant Dances performance evening by Kyra Norman – Acorn Theatre
Boswedden Festival (drums, sitar & dance) – Cape Cornwall, Cornwall
International Women’s Day Celebration (commissioned to make a piece with someone with Down’s Syndrome and a live musician – Acorn Theatre

Song of the Golden Dragon – Numinous Dance, Sterts Theatre Cornwall – commission
A Call to Home – guest performer with Shallal at Truro Cathedral
Hall for Cornwall scratch nights – choreography and performance
Open Stage Helston – choreography and performance
Penzance Gallery Opening – guest improvised performance with live musicians –        commission
Timeless Voices (Site specific) -Numinous dance – commissioned by Hall for Cornwall
Curious Creatures (funded by Hall for Cornwall) -Dance Centred
Music Video ‘Envy of None’ (band) -Blacktide Phonic Visuals – choreography and      performance
Neptune’s End, short film, UCA collaboration – choreography and performance
The Journey, short film (with Rambert musicians, filmmaker Julian Konczak) (in final                     editing stages) – choreography and performance
International Women’s Day Charity evening – guest performer – commission

Short dance film about Victor Jara (Chile), created for Shallal Dance Theatre

Rambert Online Showcase, own creation Weltschmerz – choreography and performance
Resolutions 2020at the Place ‘Learning Piece’ by director Jaz Woodcock-Stewart

‘Excerpts from Forgiveness’ (Rambert platform show) – choreography and performance
Christopher Bruce’s ‘Stream’ (Rambert)
20 Years Anniversary Tour with Yorke Dance, (including ROH) alongside dancers Dane      Hurst and Jonathan Goddard
Rambert School Choreographic Showcase (Dark Night of the Soul & Sorrow) –                choreography and performance
Signatures Choreographic Platform (Dance4 & Serendipity), ‘Sorrow’ the Curve Theatre,          Leicester – commission

Dance training:

2020 – present  
Choreographic mentoring by Wolfgang Stange (of AMICI)

2017 – 2020                 
Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Mentored by Pawlet Brookes, CEO of Serendipity, for LDIF19, choreography

2010 – 2019:                
Associate of Royal Ballet School, London (Advanced)

2014 – 2017:                
Young Dancers Academy, London

2005 – 2014:               
Kathryn Richards School of Dance, West Cornwall, UK

Non performative work:

Life performance dance model for Hall for Cornwall, CAST and Fallmouth University, collaborating with life drawing artist Peach Doble (ongoing)
Workshop leader for Numinous Experience workshops (Numinous’ signature sessions)
Guide for cornwall underground adventures (mine exploration tours
Guide for Kernow Coasteering (senior guide)
Apprentice healer with Duchy Healers
Shotokan Karate 2nd Dan, apprentice teacher


My passion for dance started when I was growing up in the far West of Cornwall. Being home educated allowed me the freedom to explore the rugged wilderness of my surroundings and this experience resonated with discovering works by eg. Pina Bausch, Kurt Jooss and Crystal Pite when I was 10 years old. My first experimental pieces were set amongst cliffs, rock faces, moors and woodlands in all weathers incorporating natural elements which became the stage wherever felt right.

With little access to intensive classical dance training I moved to London on a scholarship to attend full time Ballet school and graduated from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance with a BA (Hons) in 2020. Since returning to Cornwall last year in 2020, I have worked as a freelance dancer with several Cornwall-based dance companies, and with the inclusive arts charity Shallal as a dance and movement development coordinator. I have transitioned into dance film and music video work, including music videos for Envy of None. Last year I founded my own dance company Numinous, creating commissioned choreographic work as well as offering dance sessions and courses. I am currently running a research project exploring the Numinous with a group of 5 improvising musicians, and investigation techniques to help tap into this flow state as we create – funding applications are in progress for this. I have been presenting the findings of this work and debuting these performance ideas at the Hall for Cornwall Scratch nights and at the Open Stage – an event I organise and host in Cornwall for performing artists of all disciplines to have a platform for performance and networking which brings in performers and audience from all over Cornwall.

A mentor of mine who is the head of music at Rambert School once gave me the following wisdom before I went on stage for a solo in my 3rd year at Rambert: ‘Just give’. I think that phrase is what defines me as a performer and choreographer, as it has become my mantra for why I create. Although I absolutely love the thrill of performing and creating for myself (and I really do!), the reason I do so is so that I can give to others, be it joy, nostalgia, comfort, hope, escapism or anything else that is needed. For me, all these things are healing, and so even though performances are rarely designed to be used for healing, I celebrate the healing that I am able to awaken in others (and indeed within myself too) through my creations, however that may manifest itself.

Links to example performance and choreographic work:

Sorrow (stage):

Song of the Golden Dragon:

Numinous film:

The Journey: (draft edit)

Excerpts from Forgiveness (stage):

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