Welcome to WildSpirit Cornwall!

Witnessing the challenges that countless young women encounter amid societal pressures, exacerbated by social media, we established this project with a special focus on supporting young girls and women of all ages in cultivating healthy connections with themselves and each other. In our practices, we use the transformative quality of human connection and intuitive dance to reestablish our bond with our bodies. This process empowers each of us to act from a place of love, freedom, and inner wisdom.

Meet Our Team:

Sapphire, a professional dancer and choreographer trained at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, actively participates in numerous art projects throughout Cornwall. Drawing from her personal journey, she has crafted an integrative dance practice that bridges the gap between body and mind, fostering a profound sense of inner freedom.

Marie, our Acrobatic Coach, holds a Master in Psychology and a Master in Education and brings over a decade of teaching and health coaching expertise. She offers comprehensive support to our participants, with a primary focus on the vital mind-body connection, which is fundamental to our approach to mental well-being.

Links to CV:

Sapphire: https://wildspirit-cornwall.co.uk/cv-sapphire-sumpter/

Marie: https://wildspirit-coaching.co.uk/biography/

Upcoming Projects:

After School Club with girls years 8+ @Mounts Bay Academy Penzance (October – December 2023)
“Boundless Expression”: Guided Ecstatic Dance & Contact Improvisation evening. Welcoming all ages & genders. (November) (Registration opens soon)
“Strength in Motion – A Summer Retreat for Eating Disorder Support” (August 2024)

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Complementary Projects:

healing hand

Health Coaching

Looking for a coach to help you becoming healthier and stronger? I offer private Health coaching which includes Fitness & Nutrition. These sessions are online or offline.


Take the first step and book a free therapy session. Maybe, this is the beginning of a freeing journey towards a mentally stronger & more confident you.

Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga is a super playful practice in which we learn the right technique to learn the “impossible” and fly high.

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