Wild Spirit Project

Our mission is to nurture human connection, self-confidence, and positive body image through embodied practices and supportive groups.

Welcome to the Wild Spirit Project in Cornwall, where we offer a space for connection, healing and movement. Growing up in modern society is challenging for many reasons, and one significant challenge we see is the burden of media pressure on appearance, performance, and fitting into specific categories – especially for women. Our projects are designed to empower women of all ages to discover their inner wildness and build confidence in a joyful and supportive atmosphere, enriched with dance, acrobatics, and physical theatre. Join us at the Wild Spirit Project and become part of our vibrant community.

“Open Floor. Be yourself. Dance.”

When? 01/12/23, 6.30-8.00pm
Where? Porthleven Public hall
How much? 5 Pounds
Register: just come by

A 1.5-hour session for people to move, dance, share & connect.

Let’s shift the culture to include beach dancing as common practice.

Ecstatic dance at the Beach

Once a week we meet up at a beach to move, dance and play.
Sign up for the newsletter and stay updated about the location and the times (as we are changing with the tides).

These sessions are open to anyone. It’s not a class but a meet up, free of charge. If you like to dance at the beach but haven’t found your tribe yet, come by and join us 🙂

Free-form Dance

Dancing is a powerful tool for enhancing confidence. It can foster a positive connection to the body, and offer a channel for authentic self-expression.
Free-form dance classes, are not about following specific steps or trying to fit in: through movements we explore our bodies and minds and unleash our creativity.

Freedom starts the moment you decide to embrace your wild and authentic self

– Marie Gwynbleidd


Partner Acrobatic Training is a forging social connections and strength, as it develops physical prowess and trust-building capabilities that enrich mental growth and engender a profound sense of community.

In acrobatics training, you learn to lift each other up both mentally and physically and learn skills that make you feel proud of yourself and each other.

Play is the highest form of research

– Albert Einstein


Each and every session is brimming with the contagious sound of joyous giggles and laughter as we engage in playful movement, trust-building exercises, and theatrics. When we are given the freedom to play, we develop important social and cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, decision-making, and communication.

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